Barbara Pia Jenič

Barbara Pia has more than 20 years of experience in the sensorial theater. She organizes, curates, advises and teaches the use of proximate senses in theater. She researches the use of scents, sound, tactility and body movements in theater and art, and how to immerse the public into the story or event. She has an M.A. in a Public speech at AGRFT (Academy for theatre, radio, film and television) Ljubljana, Slovenia and is also teaching public speech, performance, acting and use of senses in art on various seminars and workshops around the world. She is a member of different research groups and is connecting sensorial creators all over the globe.

Besides developing sensorial language, immersion and participation of the public, she is also an actress who embodied more than fifty roles in theatre, films and TV. She also performed in many international theater festivals around the world. As an author and director, she created more than sixty different plays, performances and events.