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2021 Amfiteater, Journal of Performing Arts Theory, Volume 9, Number 2, Sensorial theatre, On the Scent Trail in and beyond Everyday Life

2021 A journey through the history of smells, Erika Labiani, Sigledal critique 13 December

2021 The Unfathomable Mystery of Smell, Tanisa Pipan, Sigledal critique 13 December

2021 The Fragrant and smelly Experience, Helena Štoka, Sigledal critique 13 December

2021 Documentary Scented Secrets, Primorski dnevnik, 25. oktober

2021 In SSG Trst premiere of the sensorial play Scented secrets, Sigledal, 24. oktober

2021 The history of smells in the theatre, RAI TV, IT, 23. oktober

2021 Premiere of the sensorial play Scented Secrets at the Slovenian Teatro stabile Trieste, STA, 22. oktober

2021 Scented secrets, a special experience, Primorski dnevnik, 22. oktober

2021 A round of applause for Scented Secrets, FB SSG Trst, 22.oktober

2021 Public will really breathe with the actors and enjoy fragrant secrets, Primorske novice Kultura, 22. oktober

2021 Scented secrets, TV Koper Capodistria FB, 22. oktober

2021 A sensorial performance, that guides you through the history of smells, MMC RTV SLO, 22. oktober

2021 From Nero to Napoleon, with all the senses, Primorske novice, 20. oktober

2021 A walk throught the history of scents, Primorske novice, 20. oktober

2021 Theatre through smells, RAI, TDD Furlanija Julijska krajina, 19. oktober

2021 La storia sensoriale dei profumi,Televisione Telequattro Italia, 19. oktober

2020 Sensorial in theatre: on the scent trail in and beyond the everyday, Maribor Theatre Festival, international symposium

2020 Lalabajke  Library Novo Mesto

2020 Lalabajke, Dolenjski list

2020 Lalabajke, 120 letnica rojstva Milana Jarca, Knjižnica Novo mesto

2019 Svicarija then and now: A place where new stories are written, 16th of June

2019 Divina Commedia Theatre Senzorium,  Kultura National TV – RTVSLO, Meta Česnik

2019 One hour of hell by your choice, Zdravo Slovenia, author: Katerina Ferkov

2019 Moellhausen Magazine, Scents as “atmosphere creators”: Recent experiences of a stage director, by Francesca Faruolo, 31st of October

2019 RTVSLO, Smell Festival Bologna, 28. May

2019 RTVSLO Švicarija, documentary, direction Amir Muratovič, 14. May, 22:14 – 24:39

2019 Sensa, Sensorial touch, 8th of March

2018 Primorski dnevnik, The Prophet or theatre for all the senses, 23rd of December

2018 RAI Furlanija Julijska Krajina, Sensitive and emotional Gibran, video, 20th of December

2018 Primorske novice, Cure for this era, 19th of December

2018 Delo, Sobotna priloga: Intervju Barbara Pia Jenič, 8th of December

2018 Dnevnik kritika: Premišljeno zlitje elementov, 30th of November

2018 RTVSLO Kultura video, 20th of November

2018 Zdravo Slovenija, Trust your dreams, 15th of October

2018 SI21, After the premiere of The Prophet, 15th of October

2018 Radio Slovenia First program, Dogodki in odmevi, 14th of October  (od 18’28”-20’25”)

2018 Mmc Rtvslo The prophet, … a cure for this era, 13th of October

2018 Sigledal The Prophet, 5th of October

2018 Gorenjska TV, Before the premiere of The Prophet, video, 2nd of October

2017 Govori se: Scent has a power of atomic bomb, 13th of May

2017 RTVSLO: A guest in a studio – Poletna scena, video 27th of July

2017 STAmisli: In Slovenian national theatre Drama, Huxley’s world with sensorial theatre tools by Barbara Pia Jenič, 30th of November

2017 RTVSLO: Kultura video,  4th of December

2017 Dnevnik:  Brave new world, 4th of December

2017 Govori se: More than 20 years of life with theatre, 26th of December

2016 RTVSLO: About sensorial language in theatre, lecture performance APT, 26th of October

2016 Radio Slovenija, Oder: Senzorium 20 years, audio, 25th of October

2016 Kozjansko – Svečana Akademija 40 let knjižnice Šentjur, 21th of September

2015 Delo – Reading, 13th of April

2015 Radio Študent – About Touch, audio, 12th of March

2014 RTVSLO – Gothic windows, video,  23rd of December

2014 Dnevnik – Life is more important then intellect and concept, 22nd of December

2014 Radio Slovenija, Night visit, audio, 24th of November

2014 RTVSLO, Scents of Roman city Emona, Poletna scena, 5th of August 2014

2014 RTVSLO, Sensorial soundscapes, Poletna scena, video, 8th of Julij

2013 RTVSLO Slovenian magazine, video, 2nd of December 2013 (from 11′-15’36”)

2013 Žurnal24 – Theatre, which tastes, smells and touches, 23rd of October

2012 Dnevnik – Generous senses 4th of August

2012 SIOL net – Vulnerability is our biggest strength, 21st of October

2011 Cosmopolitan – Keep dreaming, 23rd of August

2010 Mladina  – Barbara Pia Jenič, 4th of November

2010 Finance – Economists do not (yet) see the goldmine in culture, 7th of November

2002 Dnevnik – Smell reaches deep   7th of November